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TAMFT 2008-2013 Strategic Plan       

The TAMFT Board of Directors adopted a revised strategic plan February 21, 2008, which focuses the critical activities of the organization over the next five (5) years. 


Goal 1: Maintain a strong and involved TAMFT membership. 

Objective 1.1 Solicit new members to AAMFT/TAMFT. 

Task 1.1.1 Student/Associate Representative to maintain contact with all MFT programs in Tennessee encouraging student member involvement. 

Task 1.1.2 President and Chair of Membership Committee to welcome new members and transferring members. 

Task 1.1.3 Membership Committee to solicit LMFTs who are not members of AAMFT. 


Objective 1.2 Membership retention. 

Task 1.2.1 Membership Committee to contact persons on the "To Be Dropped" list from AAMFT to determine factors involved in discontinuing membership. 

Task 1.2.2 Membership Committee to promote collegiality activities as delineated in the collegiality section of this Strategic Plan. 


Objective 1.3 Assist members and potential members in licensing process. 

Task 1.3.1 Board members and Membership Committee to develop continuing relationships with regulatory board staff, keep up with licensing board regulations, and assist new members, transfers, and non-licensed clinical members through the licensing process. 

Task 1.3.2 Membership Committee to post information regarding licensure process on TAMFT web page and provide a network of AAMFT Approved Supervisor(s) and supervisors in training available for consultation to students and licensure candidates. 

Goal 2: Annual Meetings and other events to continue to promote professional development, to promote MFT in the communities of the state and to generate revenues. 

Objective 2.1 The Annual Conference format is to be continually revised by the Annual Conference Committee to meet the needs of constituents. 

Task 2.1.1 Board members to develop long range plans to financially stabilize and improve content and activities at the annual meeting and/or create meaningful adjuncts or alternatives. 

Task 2.1.2 Annual Conference Committee and Student/Associate Representative to develop meaningful ways to engage students in active participation in the annual conference, including a featured student event, presentation, and/or paper. 

Goal 3: Maintain a strong and involved TAMFT leadership. 

Objective 3.1 Board members to develop and maintain Board and Board process that assures maximum efficiency and productivity. 

Task 3.1.1 Elections Committee will develop qualified slates of officers and board positions from active and committed clinical members of TAMFT (except for Student /Associate Board member). 

Task 3.1.2 Outgoing Board members and committee chairpersons, in collaboration with Administrative Coordinator, will arrange for incoming Board members and committee chairpersons to have orientation to their positions and training on respective roles, responsibilities, prioritizing goals and objectives, recruiting member involvement, and time commitment. 

Task 3.1.3 Board members and committee chairpersons, in collaboration with Administrative Coordinator, will develop and regularly update comprehensive job descriptions for each staff position, officer, Board position, and statewide committee. 

Task 3.1.4 Board members and committee chairpersons will take initiative in following through on their areas of responsibility and ensure accountability for completion of action items. 

Task 3.1.5 Officers will implement a Board meeting process feedback mechanism to be employed at each meeting regarding efficiency of time usage and accountability for accomplishment of tasks. 

Task 3.1.6 Board members and committee chairs will develop and implement a process for identifying, recruiting, training and developing prospective leaders. 


Objective 3.2 The governing board of TAMFT is to be open and invite input from the membership. 

Task 3.2.1 Administrative Coordinator will publish Board meeting and annual business meeting agenda on the web page. 

Task 3.2.2 Administrative Coordinator will publish approved minutes of the board meetings and annual business meetings on the web page. 

Task 3.2.3 Board members will encourage regional representatives to poll members on issues prior to board meetings. 

Task 3.2.4 Committee chairpersons and committee members will be encouraged by Board members to participate in decisions regarding their areas of concern. 


Goal 1: Marriage and family therapists in Tennessee are recognized as qualified and effective providers of psychotherapy by insurers, employers, self-insured employers, employee assistance programs (EAPs), churches, families and individuals who may seek masters/doctoral level therapists/counselors. 

Objective 1.1 MFTs recognized as providers in insurance companies, Medicare, TennCare, and state contracts for mental and behavioral health services. 

Task 1.1.1 Legislative Committee will identify and engage in process to promote inclusion of MFTs in state contracts for mental health/behavioral health insurance. 

Task 1.1.2 Legislative Committee will identify and contact key state officials and leaders in the community who will petition the state to include MFTs in state contracts for mental health/behavioral health insurance, collaborating with AAMFT and other divisions in this advocacy initiative. 

Task 1.1.3 Legislative Committee will engage membership in identification and participation in an annual TAMFT legislative priority, including providing sample letters and suggested contact points for members. 

Task 1.1.4 Legislative Committee will monitor any current legislation that might affect Objective 1.1 and seek to introduce any necessary legislation to accomplish this objective. 


Objective 1.2 MCOs, HMOs, and PPOs in the state include MFTs as providers. 

Task1.2.1 Marketing Committee will collect or prepare documents that promote the use of MFTs as providers of psychotherapy and education (that show shorter treatment periods, enduring solutions, family as origins and crucible of mental health, and the importance of involvement/responsibility of family for continuing care). 

Task 1.2.2 Marketing Committee will identify MCOs, HMOs, PPOs, EAPs, and PHOs, operating in Tennessee that do not recognize MFTs as providers and petition to include MFTs. 

Task 1.2.3 Marketing Committee will identify employers that contract with MCOs, HMOs, PPOs, EAPs, PHOs and persuade them of the advantages of petitioning these providers to include MFTs for the benefit of their employees. 

Task 1.2.4 Marketing Committee will promote an open season for application for qualified MFTs to panels that might otherwise be closed. 

Task 1.2.5 Legislative Committee will monitor any current legislation that might affect Objective 1.2 and seek to introduce any necessary legislation to accomplish this objective. 


Objective 1.3 Agency employers of mental health professionals in the state recognize MFTs as qualified mental health service providers for employees. 

Task 1.3.1 Marketing Committee will prepare and disseminate case studies that demonstrate the effectiveness and breadth of systems interventions in mental conditions: depression, eating disorders, anxiety disorders, additions, etc. (i.e. not just marriage counseling). 

Task 1.3.2 Marketing Committee and Regional Representatives will directly contact major agency employers to educate them on the qualifications of MFTs. 

Task 1.3.3 Marketing Committee and Regional Representatives will provide standards, qualifications for employment, and advertisements that include MFTs as applicants; encourage use and monitor advertisements. 


Objective 1.4 Promote and encourage MFTs as expert resources. 

Task 1.4.1 Marketing Committee, Board members, committee chairpersons and Regional Representatives will promote family topic programs to major media sources (newspapers, radio, TV, internet sites) to offer experts and story lines for features relating families, youth, and social issues. 

Task 1.4.2 Marketing Committee and Regional Representatives will promote appropriate use of AAMFT Clinical Member logo in telephone Yellow Pages and all promotional materials. 

Task 1.4.3 Marketing Committee and Regional Representatives will create a "Speaker's Bureau" of MFTs who are available for media contracts, community events, church programs, etc. and promote venues for presentations. Coordinate requests on web page. 

Task 1.4.4 Marketing Committee and Administrative Coordinator will revive and advertise internet web page. Include columns written by members. Publish TAMFT newsletter on the website. 


Objective 1.5 TAMFT Board will foster a relationship and communication with the state licensing board and staff that encourages a dialogue regarding prevailing standards of practice. 

Task 1.5.1 TAMFT Board members will monitor and provide information to the Licensing Board and its administrative staff regarding professional standards of practice for MFTs, qualified supervisors, and review of internship experiences. 

Task 1.5.2 TAMFT Board members will assist staff and Licensing Board on examination panels, reviews of applications, and advice to applicants who are transferring membership to Tennessee. 

Task 1.5.3 Marketing Committee and Membership Committee, in collaboration with Student/Associate Representative and Regional Representatives, will address students in MFT classes as well as senior undergraduate students in related disciplines regarding the requirements, standards, ethics, and venues of MFTs in Tennessee. 

Task 1.5.4 Marketing Committee and Membership Committee, in collaboration with area AAMFT Approved Supervisors, will encourage development of intern positions that use MFT approaches and provide guest supervision for interns and students. 

Task 1.5.5 Ethics Education Committee will ensure that all MFTs practicing in Tennessee have information available on the current Code of Ethics and Standards of Practice through newsletter articles, annual conference and regional workshops, and information via e-mail and the website. 


Objective 1.6 Marketing Committee will develop resources for supporting individual MFTs’ marketing and practice development efforts. 

Task 1.6.1 Annual Conference Committee and Regional Coordinators of division continuing education events will include practice marketing workshops at annual conferences and Regional continuing education events and include alternative applications of MFT skills and training in the marketplace. 

Task 1.6.2 Marketing Committee will promote networking opportunities for MFTs to share effective practice management strategies. 



Goal 1: MFTs in Tennessee are energized and growing professionally through networking, collaboration and continuing education. 

Objective 1.1 Annual Conference Committee will organize the annual conference around networking opportunities and other collegiality-friendly events and activities, in addition to providing continuing education and professional development opportunities. 

Objective 1.2 Regional Representatives will form chapters and/or peer collaboration groups in local areas of the state for networking and formal continuing education. 

Task 1.2.1 Board members and Regional Representatives will identify and encourage individuals to create small groups in their local areas who will meet regularly for peer collaboration, continuing education and networking. 

Task 1.2.2 Board to provide limited financial resources when needed and available to aid local groups that become formal chapters. 

Task 1.2.3 Board members will provide encouragement by attending and assisting with the local area groups. 

Task 1.2.4 Board members and Regional Representatives will identify resources (video, speakers, visiting supervisors, etc.) for use by these small groups. Use website to store and disseminate information on targeted resources. 

Task 1.2.5 Board members will develop system for obtaining and loaning resources to small groups on request. 


Objective 1.3 Use present and emerging technology to foster connectedness. 

Task 1.3.1 Continue publication of newsletter to keep membership informed of TAMFT/AAMFT activities, annual conference planning, national and state legislative concerns, ethical and supervision issues, chapter activities, marketing initiatives, book reviews, membership news and notes, etc. 

Task 1.3.2 Establish, maintain, and promote TAMFT's website. Hotlink AAMFT's website and regularly promote its resources. 

Task 1.3.3 Establish a TAMFT bulletin board on the website that focuses on emerging therapies and bringing up ethical or practice issues for discussion. 

Task 1.3.4 Include on bulletin board an archive or resource to include handouts, articles, audio and video tapes TAMFT members find helpful in their practices. 

Task 1.3.5 Establish a social networking feature accessed via the TAMFT website that provides Board members, committees and members a forum for connection, conversation, conducting business, providing updates, etc. 

Objective 1.4 AAMFT Approved Supervisors and experienced MFTs offer continuing education opportunities such as seminars, luncheon presentations, speeches, etc., featuring family system approaches to current issues. 

Task 1.4.1 Regional Representatives and Regional Coordinators of local continuing education events will identify and commission Approved Supervisors and experienced MFTs with an interest in promoting collegiality and professional development to offer presentations. 

Task 1.4.2 Regional Representatives and Approved Supervisors will identify clinical supervisors and experienced MFTs with specialty areas and encourage them to share skills with other MFTs at regional meetings or through mentoring relationships, supervision, or workshops. 

Task 1.4.3 Regional Representatives, Annual Conference Committee, and Regional Coordinators of local continuing education events will create venues for these presentations. (regional meetings, annual conferences, educational institutions, etc.)

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